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Tim Wheatley chats about music & his father Glenn Wheatley

Glenn & Tim Wheatley

Glenn & Tim Wheatley

By Marcus Haar.

Tim Wheatley says, “I’m not going to be sacrificing my art”, when talking about his upcoming EP.

In the wake of Tim Wheatley’s latest EP, A Night Without Shakespeare in 2021, he has released a new single, Shiny Tacoma, a teaser of what we can expect from his new EP of the same name.

In a recent interview with City Hub we discussed with Tim his upcoming EP and its release date being set on the same day as his late, great father, Glenn Wheatley’s audiobook, Paper Paradise.

Tim, Elke & London Wheatley

Tim, Elke & London Wheatley

Staying Independent

During our interview, we discussed Tim’s EP, Shiny Tacoma and its rocky origins, but also its eventual evolution.

“I’d recorded an album in 2019 with a major label and during COVID, they decided they wanted to release it as an EP, so I had to cut half of what I’d put a lot of effort into. Honestly, it sort of broke my heart.”

We continued talking about the experience working with a major label and plans not quite working out for the EP’s release on Spotify in 2020, despite it being Tim’s original plan.

“It just goes to show you can sacrifice so much and it can still fail. So, I’m not going to be doing that anymore… I’m not going to sacrifice my art because you can be left half with what doesn’t make sense.”

His new single encourages the idea to look back on your mistakes in compassion with oneself.

Tim explains, “It’s a nod to everyone that’s been faced with a decision that results in them being pushed way outside their comfort zone, with the attitude of ‘yeah f___ it, I’m in – why not?!” And then taking the time to reflect on it and be able to laugh rather than lament.”

Working together with a rockstar father.

During our interview, we also discussed Tim’s father, Glenn Wheatley and how his contribution on the upcoming EP helped Tim get back into the music business.

“When I was so disheartened by the previous experience, the only person that could coach me back into the ring was my father, who said, we’ll get this record out… we’ll do it independently and just encouraged me not to lose faith in something that I was practically losing faith in.”

During the week the EP was planned to release, Glenn unfortunately passed away. As a tribute to his late, great father, a foreword by Tim is included in Glenn’s upcoming audiobook, Paper Paradise, a biography of his life as an Aussie rock ‘n’ roll star originally published in 1999.

The audiobook also includes Tim’s cover of Because I Love You, originally performed by Glenn and his band, The Master’s Apprentices. He finished recording his narration of Paper Paradise mere months before his passing in February.

Tim’s EP, Shiny Tacoma is set to release May 19 alongside Glenn Wheatley’s audiobook, Paper Paradise. The re-issue of paperback book is out now.

Tim’s rendition of Because I Love You originally performed by Glenn and his band, The Master Apprentices can be heard below.

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