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Sydney Con Jazz Festival 2022

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By Amber Griffin

The Sydney Con Jazz Festival will return to Sydney for the fifth time on June 5. The festival will take place at Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, with over 100 trailblazing jazz artists from Australia, the United States and Europe set to perform.

Myriad jazz music will pour throughout five world-class concert halls, including over 23 concerts and events. All these performances and more in the space of one jazz-packed day.

‘Once You are Familiar with Jazz You Hear it in Everything’

Performing at the Sydney Con Jazz Festival in headlining musical group Trio Grande – featuring Eric Harland. The bill will also feature a saxophone solo from Florian Ross-Architexture and saxophone playing extraordinaire Will Vinson.

When asked about the importance of the festival, Vinson shared with City Hub that if it weren’t for jazz music, none of the popular music of the 21st century would exist in the way that it does.

“Once you are familiar with jazz you hear it in everything, in harmony, rhythm, vocals, inflection.”

Vinson explained that his two performances at the festival will be ‘unpredictable.’ The artists are precisely blended together from different musical backgrounds to create never before seen, one time only jazz performances that the audience will collectively experience for the first and only time during the event.

For one day only, the festival will be a celebration of jazz and its broad-ranging, vibrant music that you will want to experience firsthand. The Sydney Con Jazz Festival is a pearl in the oyster of Sydney’s music scene, with unrivalled performances by artists from all over the world.

“The Australian crowd understands what they’re listening to and have a real kind of openness and a kind of appetite for overseas music that stems from the fact that you are so remote,” Vinson told City Hub with an eagerness to perform in Sydney again.

Jun 5. Sydney Conservatorium Of Music, 1 Conservatorium Rd, Sydney. Various prices. Tickets & Info:

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