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Petite Maman – A Gentle Exploration Of The Mother-Daughter Bond

Petite Maman

Petite Maman


Petite Maman, directed by Celine Sciamma, is a beautiful, slow moving, film which observes rather than comments on character.

The story follows a young girl, Nelly, who, following the death of her grandmother and the temporary loss of her mother, needs to find some answers. Wandering through the woods, Nelly, meets another young girl, Marion, the same age as herself, The two girls are remarkably similar. Marion is building a hut in the woods just like Nelly’s mother did as a child. Nelly’s mother is also named Marion. When the two girls return to Marion’s house, after working on the hut, Nelly realises that the house is a replica of her grandmother’s house and that she has travelled back in time. This Marion is actually Nelly’s own mother as a child.

The film is a sensitive study of a mother daughter relationship over three generations, all through the eyes of a child. The need to open up direct channels of communication so as not to leave things unsaid is something integral to all mothers and daughters. Elly bathes life in a positive light so as not to have to deal with the black panther hovering over her dreams and hopes that her mother can do the same.The film stars two real life sisters, Josephine and Gabrielle Sanz as the children, Nelly and Marion. Perfect casting.


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