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Crowds gather at Town Hall for May Day march

May Day

A large crowd gathered at Town Hall for the May Day march this year. Photo: Twitter/@gards_33.


Large crowds gathered at Town Hall on Sunday to support workers’ rights as part of the 2022 May Day march.

The march, which was organised by Unions NSW, celebrated workers’ rights and called on Australians to vote out the Morrison government at the upcoming election.

Greens State Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said there was an “incredible turnout” at the march.

“There is one message that has been singing out loud and clear today … that we need to kick the Morrison government out on May 21,” Leong said.

Prior to the event, Unions NSW said that the prime minister had been “dodg[ing] his responsibilities” while workers “faced great hardship over the past few years”.

Attendees gathered at Town Hall before marching to Macquarie Street, outside NSW parliament.

May Day march comes after NSW parliament passed anti-protest bill earlier this year

May Day

NSW parliament passed a bill targeting ‘illegal’ protestors last month. Photo: Jenny Leong.

The May Day march comes a month after legislation that allowed up to two years of jail time and $22,000 fines for protestors was passed in NSW parliament.

The Roads and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill was introduced to parliament largely in response to numerous protests from direct-action group Blockade Australia, which would apply tougher penalties for protestors who disrupt or block traffic on major roads, ports and railways.

Blockade Australia has said that they are planning a spate of new demonstrations from June 27. The May Day march on Sunday blocked parts of the Sydney CBD road network, including Macquarie Street.

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