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Inner West Council’s EDGE Art Camp On The GreenWay

By Marcus Haar

If you’re looking to scratch that artistic itch, the Inner West Council has brought back EDGE Art Camp on The GreenWay, a 12-day on-site live art experience hosting over 20 pop-up art interventions from May 11-22.

Reconnect with a community of creatives and artists by participating in free art workshops, tours, exhibitions, talks and screenings amongst the banks of The GreenWay, 1 Canal Rd, Leichhardt.

Lucinda Clutterbuck

A highlight of the program will be The Butterfly House, a dynamic hub of pop-up performances, film screenings and panel discussions profiling the innovative and prolific works developed throughout lockdown by local artists.

One of the speakers is independent animator and artist Lucinda Clutterbuck, who told City Hub that the event is like going to “your favourite caravan park in the summer.”

“All your favourite people are there, and you catch-up with what they’ve done over the past year and some of the remnants of last year’s artworks are still visible on the walls, it’s very fantastic.”

The Square Pegs initiative, cofounded by Lucinda and Lewis Argall, is a pop-up animation studio hosting curated workshops with other artists such as WART, Steven Durbach and son, Miles Bedak, Lyz McKeown, Byron Boehm and Nikolas Malbasic. They’ve also included a group of autistic writers known as the ‘Inky Paws’. The Square Pegs will also host a program which invites passers-by to participate in an animation using time-lapse and stop-motion animation.

“We create a sort of patchwork quilt of animation,” she elaborated.

Community Animation

The final animation will be called Welcome To The Doghouse, and will be showcased this Sunday, May 22 at 3pm in The Butterfly House.

Lucinda will also showcase Black Lux, a project she made in collaboration with dancer, Lucky Lartey and photographer, Shane Rozario right before Welcome To The Doghouse at 2pm.

Ending our conversation, we talked more about EDGE and how it has given time and space for creators to develop new projects.

“I’m now beginning to get a lot of traction on working with people who are neurodiverse because I’ve been given the opportunity to work with kids on the spectrum… Just because they’re a little bit different doesn’t mean they’re not fantastic.”

May 11-22.The GreenWay, 1 Canal Rd, Leichhardt. Info: 

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