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How To Please A Woman

Quintessentially another movie that highlights the problem Australian filmmakers have producing genuinely enjoyable comedic feature films.

The story centers on a middle-aged woman (Sally Phillips) who has been retrenched from her job and forms an all-male domestic cleaning company where sex is also offered on the side.

Initially the comedic elements are slow burning where  audiences may anticipate many laugh out loud moments, but unfortunately, they fizzle out having provided more yawns than laughs owing to failed attempts at humour.

The scene that sinks to unfathomable depths of embarrassment for the sake of potential laughter involves a vibrator and shall remain memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing involving sex is sacred in this film where orgasms, vibrators, oral sex and dirty talk are overloaded in a script that inexplicably and hilariously attempts to redefine itself as ‘a feel-good film’.

The cast includes notable performers including Erik Thomson, Tasma Walton and Cameron Daddo, however Thomson seems uncomfortable throughout and Daddo need not have participated as he was underused.

The standout performer who makes this movie barely tolerable is Alexander England who plays the role of Tom, one of the young sex workers. Refreshing and a ray of sunshine his handsome looks and radiant smile should have female audiences rushing into theatres once word of mouth gets out.

Sadly in this film women, especially middle-aged, are generally portrayed as a sex hungry species living in sexless and passionless relationships and marriages who “don’t get any” and who are also desperate for “a good root.”

A ‘feel-good’ flick? I think not!


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