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Des Flanagan Say Moulin Rouge In Sydney Is “Overwhelming & Opulent”

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Australian Cast of Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder.

By Jarrod Wolhuter

Des Flanagan is living the dream. At 26 years old, he has been performing as Christian – the lead male role in the Moulin Rouge theatre production – for over 12 months, and he still cannot fathom the gravity of his situation.

He promises Sydney will be stunned by the 75 song, homage to pop, explosive Justin Levine composition. Favourite tracks like Roxanne by The Police and Your Song by Elton John will be bolstered with new additions from Beyonce, Sia and Adele. A Derek McLane set design entirely envelopes the audience (earning him a Tony Award) – complete with windmill and a 220kg elephant prop audiences will recognise from the Baz Luhrmann film. An unforgettable cast including Simon Burke AO, Alinta Chidzey, and Tim Omaji as Toulouse-Lautrec – the legendary Moulin Rouge artist.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical Cast

Moulin Rouge! The Musical Cast Clockwise: Tim Omaji, Alinta Chidzey, Des Flanagan , Simon Burke, Ryan Gonzalez, Andy Cook. Photo: Chris Parker.

Flanagan waxes passionate on just how immersive, overwhelming, and opulent this production is. A kaleidoscope of colour and sound; a bonanza of dancing, costume and music – an assault on the senses set to blow Sydney away!


It has not been an easy undertaking bringing Moulin Rouge to Sydney. The production has met hurdle after hurdle of trying to keep theatre alive amid COVID lockdowns.

The young actor talks candidly of how challenging the past two years has been for the Arts industry forcing many of his peers and connections from his wider network out of the industry.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical Cast

Alinta Chidzey (Satine) in Diamonds. Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder.

The production awed Melbourne audiences at sold-out shows. Moulin Rouge signified the end of the lockdowns, helping people to forget their experiences of isolation through the power and magic of this hotly anticipated spectacle.

Sydney is in for a treat and Des Flanagan pledges that those lucky enough to be in attendance will be left speechless and spellbound while they do their thing and entertain us, in what will be a mesmerising and unforgettable event.

May 28-Sep 25. Capitol Theatre, 13 Campbell St, Haymarket. $139-$229+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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