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‘Totally new design’ for Bronte Surf Club revamp unveiled after rejection


New designs for the Bronte Surf Life Saving Club have been unveiled. Photo: Facebook.


A “fresh approach” for the redevelopment of Bronte Surf Life Saving Club has been unveiled after previous community feedback found major issues with the plans for the surf club building.

Bronte Surf Club is now sharing its own design for the proposed surf club building to gather feedback, after plans in 2020 threatening the area’s green spaces and views received major backlash from the community.

The designs were then constructed as part of a public-private partnership between the Surf Club and Waverley Council, with the new plans independently authorised by the Surf Club.

2020 Bronte Surf Club consultation report found ’10 key issues’ with design

Findings from the consultation report in 2020 found “10 key issues” with the project, despite the community displaying “overall support” for the project.

Issues raised included the excessive size of the building, possible commercialisation and privatisation, and the “excessive height” of the designs that would block views. Following the report, council recommended that the design be reviewed to address the issues raised by the community.

Bronte Surf Life Saving Club called the new plans “a totally new design … which we think works well for the community, council and surf club”.

Two presentations of the designs took place on Saturday as part of a community consultation day.

When consultation is complete, the club will present the design to council for their consideration, which could see the proposal move into the detailed design phase, which if then approved, will be one step away from construction.

The current building has been deemed no longer fit for purpose, with a redevelopment set to include a balance of female and male facilities, greater training facilities for lifesavers and young nippers, a kiosk, gymnasium and function room, and upgrades to the promenade.

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