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The Good Boss

Javier Bardem

From Spain comes The Good Boss, a comedy which can best be described as a corporate satire.

Set over a week, the story centers on Julio Blanco (Javier Bardem) the owner of a scale factory who unashamedly meddles in the business of his employees because he believes that what his workers do may reflect on his company.

Julio becomes involved in the marriage problems of one of his team members whilst also trying to help an elderly worker’s son who’s mixing with the wrong crowd. But is he really a good boss or is there an irony in the title of this film? He proudly proclaims, “we’re all one big family” one moment and then states, “if you work for me, you’re my property.”

After a violent outburst in the opening sequence of this film heralded as a comedy, audiences may be excused for thinking that perhaps they have entered the wrong cinema.

The comedy is slow to emerge with spurts of laughter hugely derived from a retrenched worker who demands his job back. The humour remains mild, and interest may dwindle until the storyline is introduced where he’s having an affair with one of his female employees.

Julio Blanco may be manipulative and used to having things his own way, but will the tables be turned once he becomes sexually involved with this young and cunning employee?

At a running time of two hours The Good Boss is a long film with many subplots that all come together offering an insight into what may be happening in the corporate world. This is an award-winning film which thrived at the domestic Spanish box office and should be a draw card for lovers of foreign cinema.

★★★ ½

Javier Bardem

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