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RSL NSW says “ANZAC Day Is Under Threat”

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ANZAC Day is approaching this following Monday, originally marking the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in World War I, now it encapsulates a time to remember the contribution and suffering of all Australian and New Zealander veterans as well as those currently serving.

ANZAC Day is for one, a time of reflection on the special bond shared by our fallen soldiers and their comrades. The day is also a time for celebration with sausage sizzles and a game of two-up to remember those who gave their lives in order for us to enjoy this special day.

ANZAC Day is under threat says RSL NSW

Australia’s oldest veteran charity, RSL NSW sees that the futureof ANZAC Day is under threat and is calling on younger veterans join the RSL movement.

Every year, ANZAC commemorations are managed by RSL NSW veteran volunteers who manage around 600 events state-wide.

However, almost 90% of the volunteers are now over the age of 55. Of those, more than 30% are over the average life expectancy, which begs the question, whether the tradition of ANZAC Day will be able to continue.

In a recent press release, RSL NSW President, Ray James OAM said, “this year’s commemorations are the first face-to-face ANZAC Day events without restrictions since the pandemic began. They are also the first since Australia’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I encourage all Australians to attend and show up at ANZAC Day commemorations and show their support. Whether that’s by attending a dawn service or march in your local community, lighting up the dawn in your driveway, or donating to the ANZAC appeal.”

After elaborating further. “I am inviting all veterans of recent Middle East operations to join me in a place of prominence in the Sydney CBD March this ANZAC Day.”

For a full list of RSL NSW sub-branches and ANZAC Day commemorative services, visit the Light Up the Dawn website.

You can also choose to donate at ANZAC Appeal 2022.

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NSWbased songwriter donates new record to Sydney Legacy ahead of ANZAC Day

Songwriter and producer Stuart Rennie recorded We Fought For Love, a song about what the veterans fought for as they went into battle. We Fought For Love was made as collaboration between lead vocalist, Craig Quilliam as well as Niki Strauss, Lauren Schmutter, and Chantelle Hutchins as backing vocals.

After the song’s completion, Rennie thought it interesting to donate the song to a charity for ANZAC Day promotions, therefore offering the song to Sydney Legacy, a charity organisation established in 1926, supporting the families of veterans.

During an interview with City Hub, we talked about what spurred Rennie to record the song.

“Well, I started writing the song ANZAC Day last year. I was sort of sitting at my breakfast table actually thinking about the service men and women and the people left behind and that sort of led to the concept that love is a motivator – love of family, mates and country and the song sort of developed from there.

“Then I sort of thought I could engage a charity to work with on it and Legacy sort of seemed the obvious choice being that they support veterans and their families.”

After our interview, Rennie emphasised he wants people to learn more about the cause and donations for Legacy.

The record can be purchased on the Legacy website for $5.00.

Watson's EQ

ANZAC Day x Watson’s EQ

Watson’s EQ will be hosting their first ANZAC Day at 10am.

There will be an all-day sausage sizzle, the NRL ANZAC Day match live on the mega screen, iconic Aussie songs playing all day and Two-Up in the courtyard from midday.

Commemorate this ANZAC Day with friends and family at Watson’s EQ.

No bookings but welcoming walk-ins all day.

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