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REVIEW: Short+Sweet Sydney Final Gala

Short+Sweet Finals 2022

Photo: David Slezak Photography


After having to reprogram on five separate occasions due to COVID-19, the Final Gala performances for the ongoing 20-year long, little theatre festival, Short+Sweet Sydney played last Sunday.

Over 30 plays were submitted into the semi-finals which, just like a knife to a whetstone, were sharpened down to a final 10 by voting decisions from audience members and judges.

The event operated similarly to a storybook where short 10-minute plays would start, end, then immediately go into the next one. This formula constantly kept you on your toes, tones switching unexpectedly which made the event consistently exciting.

The event hosted a wide variety of plays from comedy, thrills, drama, tragedy with every actor nonetheless possessing an energy and enthusiasm which could only be experienced if you were there.


Photo: David Slezak Photography


Frank Legget’s You Won’t Believe has Debbie Nielson’s explosive performance as the well-meaning, yet naive Grace. Grace falls in love with an ‘alien’ scammer after entering the world of online dating only for it to turn grisly after they meet for the first time. The play operated very similarly to a roller coaster ride… it could be hilarious in one moment then horrifying the next. A lot of fun.

Jeff Locker’s The Forgotten Place is setup like a standard job interview, however Eric is actually thinking of hiring Kipp for the position as his best friend. Both discuss the development of their friendship which initially is a lot of fun… until one of them inevitably has to see the other pass away. It’s incredible how much emotional weight could be reached in a mere 10 minutes.

All the plays were wonderful, but I simply don’t have the space to provide a summary on all of them. Find when the next Short+Sweet Sydney is happening because I can guarantee you’ll be thoroughly entertained.


Photo: David Slezak Photography


  • Best Production: Sweethearts and The Forgotten Place.
  • Best Director was James Brettel (for Buried Treasure)
  • People’s Choice (as voted by audience): You Won’t Believe
  • Festival Director’s Award: Frank Leggett.
  • Best Script: Jeff Locker (The Forgotten Place) and David Allsopp (Buried Treasure).
  • Actor’s Circle Inductees: Debbie Neilson (You Won’t Believe), Jacqui Duncan (Buried Treasure), Olivia Aleksoski (Sweet, She), David Allsopp (Buried Treasure) and Lynda Leavers (Sweethearts).

Photo: David Slezak Photography

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