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REVIEW: Circa’s Peepshow

Circa's Peepshow

Photo: Prudence Upton

Readers can be forgiven for initially thinking that a show which is called Circa’s Peepshow may be provocative and even voyeuristic, but it’s much more than this.

Eight incredibly talented and semi-clad acrobatic performers take audiences on a playful, mesmerising, and bizarre journey in a show that incorporates elements of burlesque, cabaret and musical theatre.

Visually exhilarating and relaxing to watch this is one of the most unbelievably entertaining shows ever to have graced Sydney theatres.

The human body is pushed to the limits in acts which would appear to be dangerous and even death defying to the untrained eyes. Body bending solo acts, aerial silk acts and all the acrobatics which are performed should leave audiences incredulous and asking, how many years of training were required to accomplish what most people would regard as performing the impossible?

Circa's Peepshow

Photo: Andy Phillipson.

The choreography must have been a daunting task, as perfect timing is of essence in a show where many of the acts blend in together. Every second, every movement must collectively concur to ensure that the continuity of the performances run smoothly.

The style of music during the performance alters according to the acts, from entrancing melodies to popular songs including Sweet Dreams and Just A Gigolo which complement and heighten the effect of the acts.

There are many moments during the performance where audiences may stop breathing momentarily as the unnerving acts push the capabilities of the performers to the extreme, but these are offset by the humorous segments where laughter is a welcomed relief.

Circa's Peepshow

Photo: Prudence Upton

Circa’s Peepshow is the perfect night out for adults who are tired of attending theatrical productions which require audiences to think and absorb large monologues of dialogue or trying to interpret storylines in large scale operatic productions.

Just sit back and enjoy this unique, imaginative, and easy-viewing show which should prove to be a crowd-pleaser!

April 20-23. Theatre Royal Sydney, 108 King St, Sydney. $59-$79+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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