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Robert Pattinson Establishes A Great Legacy As The Batman

Robert Pattinson as Batman

The Caped Crusader returns to rid the streets of Gotham City once again in Matt Reeves’ dark, grimy, noir detective story of The Batman.

This time around Robert Pattinson dons the iconic cowl as a younger version of Bruce Wayne who is only two years into his double life as Batman. The version of Batman is still struggling with the loss of his parents, finding his place in world & ultimately establishing his reputation & legacy in Gotham. So when he is suddenly trust into the midst of an investigation into the murder of the Gotham City mayor the truth Batman uncovers about The Riddler & his father leaves the young dark knight rattled.

When Pattinson was initially cast in the role of Batman there was outcry but with this performance he may soon become one of the most revered. Yes there is still something slightly off when Pattinson is sans bat suit as Bruce Wayne – he doesn’t quite have that suave, sophisticated, debonair gravitas that you expect from Bruce Wayne – but one Pattinson slips under the cowl he is brooding, brutal & imposing.

Visually The Batman is cold, dark & depressing – as it should be. You really feel the dour nature of Gotham City as crime & corruption takes hold of the city & its inhabitants.

Reeves’ vision for The Batman sees the film return to the noir detective style stories of early Batman comics. There are still a plethora of big action sequences & moments with brutal hand to hand combat, but overall this portrayal is much more cerebral & emotional. The Batman is about finding one’s place & establishing a legacy.

The Batman sits on it’s own little perch within the DCEU & immediately became one of my favourite Batman films of all time.


P.S. unlike other comic book movies of the modern era there is no post-credit scene to wait around for.

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