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Project/Forward: 2047 reveals what a future planned by artists could look like

Kat Roma Greer

Kat Roma Greer. Photo: Laura Simonsen


If you feel like reconnecting with the community after the extended Sydney lockdown, but just want to kick back and experience some eye-catching imagery, Project/Forward: 2047 will be projecting dazzling images all over the public walls in the Newtown hub this weekend.

The project is part of the Inner West Fest and hosted by Micro Galleries, a free global arts initiative focused on using art as a vehicle to bring about positive micro changes with the help of local artists and collaborators.

Artistic director and creator of Micro Galleries, Kat Roma Greer describes the initiative as “bringing art, in many forms, into the community to demonstrate that art is for everyone and does not have to only be presented in galleries and theatres but can break out of these spaces and ingrain itself into a community.”

“Think of us as a creative clinic where we empower, and develop innovative, creative solutions to local and global issues.”

For two years, Project/Forward: 2047 reveals what a future planned and imagined by artists in the year 2047 would look like, sharing this vision in places like Bangladesh, Colombia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Jordan, the Philippines, Nepal, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Austria and USA.


Project/Forward: 2047 – Jordan. Photo: Raghad Rasras

In a recent interview with City Hub, Kat explained, “Our ethos is to bring art right to the doorstep of people that we think have every right to engage, access and enjoy art and get global conversation from an artist’s perspective around the world.”


The project will exhibit an hour of moving image-based art by over 40 artists from around the world revealing what artists imagine to be the pieces for a better way forward.

“So, virtually throughout the year, we do a lot of small events in local communities, and we always partner with a local artist, or a local partner organisation,” Kat explains. “One of our key collaborators is Rhiannon Hopley, she is an Inner West resident, and she’s taken the role of creative producer in this particular iteration of Project/Forward: 2047. The only reason these projects are ever possible is because of people like Rhiannon who are on the ground making it happen and we provide virtual support at arm’s reach.”

In our conversation with Rhiannon, we talked about the potential for art to create change in local communities.

“What Micro Galleries does… we’re about making micro changes and those small changes, even if it’s just simply improving someone’s day can lead to bigger changes,” explained Rhiannon before elaborating further. “It’s that sense of finding something and making someone think about something a little bit differently, or just inspiring people to think about something, do something, and that creates a snowball effect in creating more change.”

Rhiannon Hopley

Rhiannon Hopley. Photo: Wendell Levi Teodoro.

The project also features four Sydney based artists who have been invited to participate: Arial Ruby, Emma Varker, Tamara Lee Bailey, Jess Harwood, each responding to the theme from a local perspective.

Apr 23. The Hub, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, 1 Bedford St, Newtown. FREE. Info:

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