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‘Nowhere Special’ is a beautiful and heart wrenching film

James Norton and Daniel Lamont

Photo: Peter Marley.

Sometimes watching a relatable and emotionally charged movie can inspire people to appreciate and not take family and other loved ones for granted.

Based on a true story Nowhere Special is a beautiful and heart wrenching film handled with intense sensitivity as a single father desperately trying to find the perfect adoptive family for his four-year-old son.

“He deserves a loving family and all the opportunities I never had,” John sadly states, the father who raised his son Michael once his wife abandoned them. As the story unravels the urgency in finding a suitable family becomes tragically apparent, his circumstances being exceptional.

James Norton and Daniel Lamont play father and son and their performances are so refined that audiences may be excused for believing they’re related off screen.

James Norton and Daniel Lamont

James Norton and Daniel Lamont. Photo: Peter Marley.

The immense love between them filters through perfectly, owing to exceptional casting, a script written with compassion, and an atmospheric musical score. All of which compound to provide an incredibly affective human drama.

Michael is a thoughtful and sombre child who must learn about death and grief at such a tender age. When the child asks, “Where’s mommy?” the most sensitive of audiences will reach for their tissues.

Somewhat depressing this tearjerker does not have a happy ending. Infiltrated by sad characters who for whatever reason could not have children and desperately want to adopt, this film also gives an insight into the adoption system.

Regardless of what style of film moviegoers may enjoy, Nowhere Special is a gem and mandatory viewing especially for parents with young children.


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