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Exploring history through the Inner West Heritage Festival

Newtown Town Hall, 1912

Newtown Town Hall, 1912. Photo: City Of Sydney Archives.


The Inner West’s fascinating heritage and enriched history deserves to be explored, appreciated, and celebrated. Brought to you by Australia’s National Trust, this year’s Inner West Heritage Festival will spark your curiosity for local history. With workshops, talks, guided walking tours, podcasts, and exhibitions, there has never been a better time to discover all the hidden gems that the Inner West has to offer.

Taking place from April 1 to May 31 with the theme of ‘CURIOSITY’, the Inner West Heritage Festival is an event that you won’t want to miss. Get involved with the festival and its captivating activities and discover a side of the Inner West that you’ve never seen before. Local historian Mark Matheson revealed in a
recent interview with City Hub that there is so much to learn about the Inner West’s history.

“I hope people will show their curiosity during the heritage festival and ask questions because there’s a lot more to the Inner West than what meets the eye.”

Australia’s largest community driven heritage event

Inner West Council Library and History presents a program of events for the Inner West Heritage Festival which
explore the rich history of the Inner West and highlight the people who have shaped our vibrant

One of the key events of the Inner West Heritage Festival is Matheson’s guided walking tours of Newtown, where he uncovers history dating back centuries.

“Walking the streets of Newtown will never be the same after these tours.”

The Northside tour will talk about the history of Newtown as a major shopping emporium. The Southside tour will take you away from the main street and into the homes and lives of the inhabitants from years gone by.

Matheson stated that “The [Inner West] Heritage Festival will reveal things that you didn’t realise were there. You may view Newtown’s King Street as a popular shopping destination, but if you look closer to the shop awnings and details, Matheson will be able to tell you stories from as far back as the 1800s that you’ll never forget.

Abundance of events catered to everyone

The Inner West Heritage Festival has an abundance of events that cater to anyone’s interests. Along with the five historical walking tours across the Inner West, there is many other captivating events that you can experience.

Learn more about local history at one of the riveting talks, grow your appreciation for our heritage at the photographic exhibition, handle artifacts uncovered from recent archaeological digs at the archaeology workshop, and listen to the ‘Inner West Icons’ podcast to enjoy local history from the comfort of your own home.

Apr 1-May 31. For more information and the full program:

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