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Enmore Theatre Floor Collapses At Genesis Owusu Concert

Patrons of the Enmore Theatre were left shocked on Thursday night when part of the floor collapsed during the Genesis Owusu solid-out concert.

Photos and videos of the incident show that the centre of the theatre’s sloped red carpet floor had caved in under the weight of the crowd.

According to Georgia Niederrad, who was at the concert, “[the collapse] was completely unexpected! People were dancing and excited, but nothing crazy enough to warrant the floor collapsing. The floor dropped about a metre but luckily the carpet held up. It was like walking on a waterbed, you could tell there was no support underneath the carpet.”

Despite warnings from venue staff Georgia said, “people continued to jump on the broken floor!”

Owusu however was quick to act in his response to the collapse, “as soon as people fell down Genesis stopped the music and made sure everyone was okay, ” Georgia told City hub. “Luckily the team were on it and dealt with the situation quickly.”

Thankfully there were no injuries reported as a result of the collapse.

The floor caved in during the early portion of the Canberra rapper’s concert as he was performing his second song. The show was then quickly ended in light of safety concerns. The concert will now be rescheduled once engineers rectify the issues with the floor.

The cause of the collapse has yet to be confirmed but it comes after Sydney was hit by days of heavy rainfall.

The historic Enmore Theatre had only recently reopened after being closed for two years due to COVID-19. During which time the venue also underwent a full refurbishment.

The City Hub has attempted to contact the Enmore Theatre for comment, but have yet to receive one.

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