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Coyle Girelli – Funland

Coyle Girelli, a Uk born but now New York based troubadour has used the recent pandemic restrictions on movement to focus on his latest album release, Funland. Although he is now based in New York the pandemic led Coyle to explore his desire to exist in mythical place during the creation of this record & as such he spent much of the period deep in the wilderness of Vermont.

Emerging from the wilderness comes Coyle & his new record Funland, which is filled with a rich collection of smooth, warm & hypnotic songs. Across the 11-track album Coyle weaves back  and forth between dreamy-pop and slow, mystic crooning & ballads ala Roy Orbison.

Whilst the majority of the album is in the mystical vein Coyle manages not to become trapped as he closes out with some more uplifting almost country-rock-sequences tracks.

Throughout Funland Coyle explores themes of love, lust, debauchery and hope in a manner only he could.

Funland is unlikely to be an album for everyone, but for those who love this style of music Coyle is one of the best in the genre.

★★★ ½

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