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Uncharted brings video game romp to big screen

Tom Holland

PlayStation gamers will be intimately familiar with Nathan Drake & his Indiana Jones-sequel escapades to recover lost historical treasures. Outside of the gaming world though Nathan Drake & Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan are relative unknowns, until now. Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg step into the iconic roles of these treasure hunters in the first ever PlayStation Productions film, Uncharted.

The Uncharted film immediately thrusts viewers into the action as we see Drake, the cocky & brash thief, being recruited by wily veteran Sully for ‘one big score’. From that moment on Drake & Sully are quickly bouncing all around the world hunting for their next clue whilst also evading rival treasure hunters.

Fans of the Uncharted game franchise will notice a number of changes to the story, simply for the sake of fitting into. Movie length runtime. None of these changes were egregious though & fans will still see many of the iconic moments from the games cropping up in the film. There’s even some logo Easter eggs & cameos to look out for. All of which helps ensure that the Uncharted film feels like a faithful rendition of the games.

Tom Holland is as charismatic as ever & does a fantastic job as a young Nathan Drake. Conversely Mark Wahlberg doesn’t feel like Sully from the games, rather he feels more akin to every other Mark Wahlberg action hero. Despite Sully not feeling quite right the chemistry between the duo & their sidekick Chloe is engaging, funny, witty & silly – which is very much true to the games.

Overall Uncharted is a first outing from PlayStation Productions which plays it very safe with their iconic property. Whilst longtime die-hands of the game series are likely to have concerns with this film it will act as very nice introduction to the characters & world of the Uncharted franchise for casual audiences.

★★★ ½

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