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THE GREAT GATSBY – Jazz And Gin In Wonderland

By Renee Lou Dallow

Viral Ventures and Immersive Theatre have joined together to present The Great Gatsby at the Wonderland Bar in Potts Point. If you are wondering why they’ve chosen a story which revolves around a hedonistic lifestyle at a time when partying is not encouraged, then consider how it was during the prohibition era when even alcohol was banned. According to producer Aaron Robuck, “Now is a time when we really can make a difference. Just as in 1922 when The Great Gatsby was written, we are going through a time of great change and now it is even more important to connect with other people. There is a relevance to the idea of isolation even in a crowded room.”  Like Gatsby himself, the audience are on the outside. Part of the story but not really.

The story, narrated by an actor playing author Nick Carraway, who befriends Gatsby, will move from room to room, followed by the audience. At times he will speak directly to members of the audience who are guests at the party. At times the other actors will also weave in and out of the audience involving them as characters. This is a new kind of theatrical experience and the first time The Great Gatsby has been presented this way. Ten actors will perform for an audience of 40 in three different rooms with a 20-minute unscripted section where the audience can enjoy drinks and canapes while still part of the ongoing action of the story. Imagine presenting The Great Gatsby in a bar! Oh the irony of it all! Enjoy a glamorous gin sling and lose yourself in the jazz age when time really was full of endless possibilities.

Feb 18-Jun 26. Wonderland Bar, 24 Bayswater Road, Potts Point. $75-$85+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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