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REVIEW: Heathers – The Musical


In a satirical and amusing display of high school angst, Heathers – The Musical is a black comedy dressed as a high energy and immersive theatre experience.

Based on the 80s cult film of the same name, Heathers, follows Veronica Sawyer (Tiegan Denina), a high school misfit who inevitably falls in with the most ruthless and powerful clique at Westerberg High, ‘The Heathers’ led by Heather Chandler (Sabrina Kirkham). But before she settles in with her newfound ‘friends,’ Veronica falls in love with the rebellious and psychotic new kid, JD (Jerrod Smith), who has his own plans for how The Heathers should fall from grace.

Attempted murders and staged suicides are where the show’s darker elements lie; however its vibrancy and upbeat soundtrack nearly make you forget how serious some of its themes are.

Complete with 80s inspired costuming and references, Heathers is filled with vivacious dance numbers and a surplus of shoulder pads. The intimacy of the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre space gives a poignant edge to this production.

But Heathers is not your average high school teen drama. The musical tackles issues relevant today, from homophobia to gun violence, suicide and eating disorders. This dark display of what it is like to be a teenager presents as a fun and energetic performance with songs like Candy Store and My Dead Gay Son.

The Mitchel Old Theatre Company’s production of the West End musical showcases an exceptionally talented cast and simultaneously highlights the importance of independent theatre in Sydney.

There is an infectious energy amongst the darkness of the show’s themes, leaving theaudience grinning from ear to ear. Definitely not a show to miss.

Until Mar 5. ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, 3/1-25 Harbour St, Sydney. $49.90-$74.95+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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