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REVIEW: 9 To 5 The Musical

The cast of 9 To 5. Photo: David Hooley

After a few postponements owing to COVID-19 lockdowns Dolly Parton’s highly anticipated smash-hit West End production of 9 To 5 The Musical has finally opened in Sydney and what a show it is!

Based on the 1980 hit film by the same name the musical surrounds three female protagonists working in an office in the 80s where they have a sexist, egotistical and gross boss who mistreats them. They come together as unlikely friends, kidnap the boss and take over the office running it their way with job sharing and flexible hours, changing the workplace for the best. All goes well until the boss returns!

The principal cast is headed by Marina Prior, Casey Donovan and Erin Clare as the fabulous three and Eddie Perfect plays Hart, the boss from hell. Caroline O’connor is hilarious as Roz the only employee smitten by Hart. The production boasts an 8-piece orchestra and an ensemble cast of 18 performers.

The leading ladies are outstanding, but Casey Donovan steals the show with her characterisation of Judy and her incredible singing voice. Visually stunning with dazzling costumes there’s never a dull moment throughout the show. Scene changes are swift, and the humorous dialogue ensures that the laughter is free flowing throughout and take note – the fun continues into the intermission!

There’s singing, big Broadway style dance numbers, fantasy sequences, flying sets and Dolly Parton makes an appearance as the narrator! Not in person but on screen at several interludes, an added bonus as her cheeky style of humour adds to the enjoyment. Dolly is the Mozart of this musical and her involvement can be felt throughout as she wrote the music and lyrics which have received four Tony award nominations.

This musical should be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for audience members who lived during the 80s. The younger generation who has never seen the movie should also enjoy the musical if the positive reaction  from the audience on opening night is anything to go by.

Until May 1. Capitol Theatre, 13 Campbell St, Haymarket. $69-$185+b.f. Tickets &Info:

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