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‘Long overdue’: Upgrades for Stanmore Station praised despite concern for tree removal

New proposals for upgrades at Stanmore Station include accessibility measures. Photo: NSW government.


Measures improving accessibility have headlined a spate of new upgrades for Stanmore Station proposed by Transport for NSW.

The proposed changes are currently in the planning stage while the community offers feedback on the key features. The project is set to commence this year, with completion expected around 2023. 

Several of the features in the proposed upgrade include an accessible ramp from the station to Trafalgar Street, two lifts providing access to all platforms, family and easily accessible toilets on Platform 1/2, a kiss and ride bay on Douglas Street, and regrading works to the station underpass. 

Stanmore Station does not currently meet the required standards for the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002. According to the proposal, the accessible ramp to Trafalgar Street is seen as a key benefit of changes. 

Inner West councillor Pauline Lockie called the changes “long overdue”, as proposals aim to modernise the station buildings and improve accessibility and efficiency at interchange facilities.

Minor structural changes to the form of the existing station building have also been circled as a permanent impact of the changes, as well as the removal of existing flora surrounding the station.

The Community Update notes that the removal of one “significant” Lilly Pilly tree and two small flowering gum trees will occur under the proposal, with offset planting to be provided for all flora removal.

“The current proposal will see the loss of a number of trees around Stanmore Station … and I’ve been contacted by residents who want to see these trees retained alongside the improvements to accessibility,” Cr Lockie said.

“I’ll be asking Transport for NSW to review the design to see if they can make changes that would save the trees while still delivering the lifts, ramps and other much-needed improvements, and I encourage residents to make their own submissions to Transport for NSW as well.”

Project update

At current, the project is engaged in the planning approval and consultation process. Transport for NSW is currently inviting public submissions and community feedback as it prepares a Review of Environmental Factors for public display.

Ordinarily, Transport for NSW would hold community information sessions at Stanmore Station, however social distancing requirements have limited the feedback channels to email, web form and telephone.

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