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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Marry Me’ Is Must See

Marry Me is a delightful new movie which Jennifer Lopez’s fans should not miss! Lopez plays the role of Kat Valdez, a world-famous singer who discovers just moments before singing her new hit song Marry Me and her marriage to superstar Bastion (Maluma), that he has cheated on her. Her answer to this ‘set back’ which has been viewed by 20 million fans on social media? She impulsively selects Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) a random guy in the audience holding a sign that reads ‘marry me’ and proposes – naturally he accepts.

“Why do I always pick the wrong guy?” she asks a friend. “What is love? A lie or a fairy-tale? If you want something different you have to do something different,” she tells the world.

The premise is silly, cringeworthy actually, but it’s surprisingly very entertaining with many musical sequences and audiences may feel as if they’re watching Lopez in concert. Columbian singer Maluma is nicely cast alongside Lopez and also performs a few musical numbers that should also enchant his fan base.

Actress Sara Silverman who plays Charlie’s sidekick has all the funny lines and is hilarious as the zany friend who enjoys having a famous singer in her circle of friends.

Lopez and Wilson are purposely mismatched for the desired effect as their characters are extreme opposites and share no charisma. But will love blossom between them or will she return to the extremely handsome but womanizing Bastion?

This is a feel-good film that leaves audiences with a relatable message – money and fame don’t always guarantee happy and long-lasting relationships.

★★★ ½

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