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Tropical Fu*k Storm Cancel Sydney Festival Shows

In yet another blow to the Sydney Festival’s music lineup Tropical Fu*k Storm have become the latest act to withdraw from the festival in protest to the Festivals Israeli funding.

In a statement released on Thursday the band revealed that they had been lobbying Sydney Festival to foregoing the funding from the Israeli Embassy. However, that plea has fallen on deaf ears so the band has had to make tough decision to cancel gathering shows.

“Rather than immediately announce online that we’d jump ship, we thought we’d actually try to do something in the real world for everyone involved and try to encourage Sydney Festival to do the right thing and fix the problem they created… At the time of posting, Sydney Festival has stated they have no intention to refund the money or sever the sponsorship relationship… [so] we have decided to cancel our two appearances.”

The band then went on to apologise to their fans & offer some hope for the future, “We want to apologise to our fans who have made arrangements to come to the show; we appreciate you all. When we do finally get to play for you, Sydney, it is going to be a corker. We will see you soon!”

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