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The Museum Of Modern Love

Photo: Sascha Parbery Design and Illustration.

Sophie Gregg read the Stella Prize-winning novel by Heather Rose, The Museum Of Modern Love, before she auditioned for the play, which was adapted for the stage by Tom Holloway.

She says, “set in and around the [Serbian conceptual and performance artist] Marina Abramović’s season at MOMA, the book really lends itself to theatre adaptation, and the storyis really heart-wrenching.”

“In our production, when you arrive at the theatre, it’s like arriving at a piece of performance art and you get drawn into the different characters’ journeys. It is quite different to anytheatre I’ve ever seen or been in before.

Sophie’s character in the play is Jane, a grieving widow from Atlanta Georgia, who comes to New York wondering what it would be like to sit with Marina Abramović.

The Museum Of Modern Love is an ensemble piece so all the actors are there at every rehearsal. Gregg appreciates director Tim Jones for creating a nice and relaxed feeling among the ensemble.

She says, “The play is about connecting to other people ashumans rather than as artists, and really connecting with art.”

Her first line in the show is “I think art saves people and can be comforting.”

The playwright Tom Holloway visited early rehearsals, and Gregg was impressed with his contribution. “He cut a lot of stuff and added stuff so it was a great way to collaborate with him.

Be warned: The production will invite 10 audience members to participate in the show at each performance.

Jan 22-30. Seymour Centre, Cnr City Rd &, Cleveland St, Chippendale. $25-$69+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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