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The Hating Game Adapts Sally Thorne’s Novel Into A Future Cult Classic


For anyone interested in a slow burn, enemies to lovers on-screen adventure, look no further.

The film adaptation of the 2016 novel by Sally Thorne, The Hating Game is the perfect fit for girls-night-in and has all the makings of a future cult classic.

While contemporary romance is no doubt a highly saturated genre, director Peter Hutchings along with starring actors Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars, Truth or Dare) and Austin Stowell (Fantasy Island, Catch-22) make this an enjoyable movie with terrific on-screen chemistry, witty one-liners, and all of the best scenes and dialogue from Thorne’s much-loved novel.

There’s always a tricky balance when creating film adaptations, amidst the two-hour time restriction and staying truthful to the book, and The Hating Game did a great job as a whole. However, many of the scenes felt rushed and forced just for the sake of having them in there – perhaps not everything from a book can translate well on screen. Also, expect a few cliché rom-com scenes sprinkled throughout.

The Hating Game works really well as a standalone film and is a great watch for viewers who haven’t read the book, as well as casual viewers (film buffs beware) who are looking for two hours to kill.


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