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REVIEW: The Wedding Singer is an entertaining trip down memory lane

Reviewed by Jarrod Wolfhunter

The Wedding Singer Musical brought the house down at Sydney’s magnificent State Theatre on Wednesday night!

Billed as ‘Sydney’s Summer Musical’, The Wedding Singer showered audiences with fun and accurate character depictions from the 1998 film; with palpable cast connections that could rival the original and celebrated performances of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

This exciting and hilarious production brought back to us our favourite characters, Robbie Hart, Julia Sullivan, Robbie’s sexually adventurous beat-boxing Grandma; Julia’s sexually adventurous BFF and star of the show Holly (played by Nadia Komazec) and equally prominent, Sammy (played by Nadia’s real-life fiancé, Haydan Hawkins who got engaged after meeting on-stage).

Unforgettable villains, Glen Guglia (Stephen Mahy) and ex-GF Linda (Kirby Bergess) perform wonderfully at re-igniting audience disgust and dismay with their toxic character traits.

Playful and light-hearted, The Wedding Singer is an enjoyable throwback to the synth drums, extravagant hair and ubiquitous perms of the 80s; with a badass 80s soundtrack it’s impossible not to be entertained by this production.

The Tony nominated musical is directed by multi-Green Room Award nominated director Alister Smith, with a sparkling new soundtrack brought to life by Musical Director Daniel Puckey (Muriel’s Wedding The MusicalThe Book of Mormon, The Wizard of Oz). Choreographer Michael Ralph (Georgy Girl, The Boy From Oz) has crafted explosive dance routines jam-packed with iconic 80s references that are bound to get you moving along with them.

A musical laden with the shiny decade’s motifs transforms into a welcome homage to the period that brought us Gene Simmons, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Cher and of course the advent of the CD player and mobile phone. All of whom are subtly revisited in this refreshing and nostalgic trip down memory lane, for some – and a vivid new introduction to the decade of sequins and rhinestones yet to be experienced by an entire new generation.

Until 23. State Theatre, 49 Market Street. $109-$149+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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