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REVIEW: The Little Prince spellbounds Sydney theatregoers

The Rose and The Little Prince. Photo: Prudence Upton.

The immersive theatrical production of The Little Prince is based on the classic book of French writer Antoine De Saint-Exupery and has arrived in Sydney to spellbound theatregoers.

The creative and highly imaginative story follows a little prince who flies from one planet to another, meeting extraordinary characters in fantastical worlds.

There are 11 contemporary dancers on stage portraying characters who don’t speak but communicate through dance and movement. The narrator speaks, leading audiences through the complex story while intermittently singing angelic melodies rich in emotion. Aerial artists also complement the magic that unfolds on stage.

The video projection is mandatory in the storytelling process and covers the floor and backdrop, amplifying the sensation of immersion. Audiences will believe they have been transported to faraway planets throughout the universe.

Colourful costumes, hair and makeup effectively build the personalities of the characters, who have seemingly materialised directly on stage from the bestselling children’s books.

The astute and animated choreography of the dance sequences also amplify the story allowing all the characters to voice their stories in ‘coherent’ silence.

Theatregoers who were mesmerised by Cirque du Soleil should not miss this spectacular. It’s a stylish production that should also lure dance enthusiasts and anybody who enjoys clever, original and inventive theatre.

In all its grandeur this show may be overwhelming for younger audiences owing to their limited attention span and the deeply philosophical and meaningful themes in the narrative. Adults who are not familiar with interpretive dance and movement may also lose their way in the intertwining themes.

However, this will not hinder their enjoyment as audiences can just sit back and be consumed by the visual artistry and sheer splendour of the entire production.

Until Jan 23. Coliseum Theatre, West HQ. 33 Railway St, Rooty Hill. $109-$139+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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