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Michael Reid Gallery Showcases Coming in 2022

Brett Weir

Today we glance forward to a handful of exhibition highlights that will reach Sydney in 2022 thanks to the wonderful team at the Michael Reid gallery.

Brett Weir: Combining geometric precision with frenzied high-intensity colour, Brett Weir’s chorus of new paintings will push the artist’s work to new heights. Showing at the new Michael Reid Sydney Gallery in February, This Magic Moment will commence what promises to be a very engaging year. To stand in front of a Brett Weir painting is to gaze at a visual poem, which for this particular exhibition, pulls from a well of optimism in the midst of uncertainty.

Isca Greenfield-Sanders: In March Australian artconnoisseurs will have access to this very important artist’s work locally, for the first time. Ocean Eyes Of Blue is the first Australian exhibition of work by American artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders, who lives and works in New York. Greenfield-Sanders is a painter who mines archives and photography collections for negatives and slides from the 1950’s and 60’s, which she then translates through a range of painting processes.



Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra: In March 2022, Michael Reid Sydney and Michael Reid Berlin will present their first exhibition in tandem, with new works by Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra. Known for her precise hand, geometric and fractal style and rising influence of visual language, Wunuŋmurra’s interpretations of Country shot to prominence when she was announced the winner of the TOGA Northern Territory Contemporary Art Award in 2008.

Petrina Hicks – Polaroids: For the first time in her career, Petrina Hicks will invite audiences “into the studio” by presenting a delicate installation of test print polaroids at Michael Reid Sydney. Mapping the artist’s entire career and containing hundreds of never before seen images, Polaroids is a documentary exhibition that puts light to the working processes of one of Australia’s most talented photographic artists.


New Voices In Painting – Curated by Alyce Neal: Those who visited The Call in April last year will remember the highly engaging and significant discussions raised by guest curator Alyce Neal, who will return in 2022 to assemble an exhibition of new voices in contemporary painting. Taking place across April, this exhibition will explore new talent and the progressive ways painting is, and can be employed.

Amazon // Amazon – Curated by Ashleigh Jones: Curated by Ashleigh Jones, in June 2022 Michael Reid Sydney will present Amazon//Amazon, an environmentally focussed exhibition of artistic responses to the agitated relationship between nature and industry. Once meaning the world’s largest rainforest, the word ‘Amazon’ now also conjures images of the world’s largest e-commerce company. This exhibition will explore how these two meanings live in a paradox, inextricably linked in a zero-sum game.


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