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Heathers, The Musical

By Tessa Pelle

The Mitchell Old Company will return to the stage with Heathers, The Musical, from February 8 until March 5.

The production is based on the cult classic 80s film of the same name where hilarity and self-destruction ensue.

Kira Leiva plays Heather Duke, one of the three titular mean girls. She says the show plays into some typical high school tropes.

If you’re familiar with the movie Mean Girls [Heather Duke] is almost the equivalent of Gretchen, however later in the show, she kind of steps into her power and becomes a little power hungry and uses it for evil,” Kira says.

“I think Heathers takes it to another level because there’s not just one mean girl, there’s threeand they’re all very different.”

Although the production is a high-energy black comedy, Kira says open conversations about mental health, bullying and teenage suicide are what drives the shows ability to stay relevant.

“It covers a lot of topics that are still pretty relevant. It addresses gun violence, suicide, alcohol and drug use, bulimia, homophobia. Unfortunately, these are all still things teenagers are confronted with, she says.

Featuring new songs straight from the original West End production, the show is bound to please fans old and new.  

“The film and the musical are slightly different. I think the musical is a little more uplifting with these big dance numbers; it has very catchy and light-hearted moments. But I think it has a wonderful balance of presenting these really heavy topics with a little bit of that humour as well.”

Feb 8-Mar 5. ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, 3/1-25 Harbour St, Sydney. $49.90-$74.95+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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