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Evil At The Door

Oh my! Just when you thought you’d seen the worst movie ever along comes the indie home invasion drama Evil At My Door to highlight the fact that bad films just keep on keeping on!

Reminiscent of the profitable The Purge franchise, this film is set on the fictional ‘Annual Night Of The Locusts’, where members of a brotherhood have 180 minutes to exterminate the unsuspecting.

Two unwilling players have been chosen at a luxurious target address, one male and one female and four masked intruders make their move.

Obviously made on a shoestring budget, the production is amateurish in every aspect, with poor sound, scripting, and predominantly questionable performances seemingly straight out of a daytime soap. Actually, the whole production feels like a daytime soap, the scene setups, the facial expressions on the actors (I use that term very lightly) faces and the silly dialogue delivered.

Most of the story entails the bad guys standing outside a bathroom waiting for their victim to exit, boasting of all the murders they have committed while someone hides under a bed. There’s a blood curdling killing which should jolt audiences back to life for a moment or two and several intense scenes, but with all the negative factors weighed up against it the film is ultimately just an underwhelming work of ‘non-art’.

And does the heroine of the piece survive? You’ll find out in the final moment and as predicted you’ll wish you steered away from this ‘gem’ of a flick!

★ ½

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