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Alice Topp’s ballet ‘Clay’ goes digital

Karen Nanasca and Nathan Brook. Photo: Daniel Boud

With COVID numbers spiking again you may be concerned about heading got the theatre once again. Thankfully The Australian Ballet & choreographer Alice Topp have just the solution for those of us who still want a live theatre fix without risking catching the Omicron variant.

Alice’s ballet Clay has been revived in the digital realm and is now available to watch via YouTube.

Originally part of a larger work that was postponed due to the pandemic, Alice Topp’s Clay is given the Bodytorque.Digital treatment, in order to exist beyond the stage.

An intimate duet about personal griefs and traumas, it only seemed fitting for the Australian Ballet team to customise Clay for the lived-in environment – the space where many of us have experienced many of these griefs over the past two years. Watch as the two dancers circle and twist through patterns of tension and pain in this powerful piece.

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