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Accessibility and sustainability atop concerns as Randwick Environment Park completes new boardwalk

The boardwalk at Randwick Environment Park (pictured) has been completed. Photo: Google/Jonathan Yen.


Randwick Council announced last month that the boardwalk around Randwick Environment Park was complete, with the newly-added boardwalk and granite path replacing a dirt track to allow all members of the community to complete the 1.2 kilometre loop around the park.

“Whether you’re a parent pushing a stroller, you’re in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, everyone should have access to this beautiful green space in the middle of Randwick,” Randwick Mayor Dylan Parker said.

The boardwalk’s footings are made from fibre-reinforced plastic (made with 90 per cent recycled materials) which will minimise soil disturbance, while the path has been elevated to allow wildlife to pass through underneath.

“The addition of this boardwalk means every resident has access to the beauty of the ephemeral wetlands, the amazing birdlife and the flora and fauna within Randwick Environment Park,” Cr Parker said.

Greens councillor Michael Olive is pleased that the new boardwalk has increased accessibility to the park, which he called “a gem amongst Eastern Suburbs parklands”.

The boardwalk may be the first of several new developments in the park, as suggested in council’s 2015 Plan of Management that outlined actions to improve community recreation in the park.

Cr Olive worries that the environment will not be prioritised when developments are being designed.

“Other developments in the park could be on the drawing board and I worry that accessibility will come at the expense of preservation,” he said.

Green space

Following last month’s elections, a record-breaking number of Greens (four seats) were voted onto council.

“One of the reasons the Greens did well in the local government elections is that residents want action on climate change,” he said.

“As councillors, we will be supporting policies that transition us away from fossil fuels and toward renewables, reduce our greenhouse emissions, increase our urban tree canopy and reduce heat islands.”

He is confident that Randwick can be a leader on environmental sustainability, such as prioritising environmentally-friendly materials on new construction as seen at Randwick Environment Park.

“I am hopeful that most councillors will want to take action against climate change and this will be a priority for Randwick City Council.”

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