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Waverley Council election prediction

The 2021 Waverley Council election result at this stage is unchanged from the results in 2017. Photo: Creative Commons.


*The NSW Electoral Commission will not begin declaring candidates elected until December 20th.

The Liberal Party currently leads in every ward in the Waverley election. 45,183 electors were enrolled to vote in Waverley with 12 council seats up for grabs and three from each ward.

In 2017, the Liberal Party won 5 seats, Labor 4 and the Greens 3. In 2021, the result is unchanged.

ABC’s Chief Elections Analyst finds the Liberal Party has seen a small positive swing (+4.3), little change for the ALP (-0.7), the Greens a small positive swing (+1.5) and Independents seeing a negative swing (-5.1) since 2017 elections.

The Liberal Party has 49% of votes, followed by the ALP at 27%, then the Greens with 22% and Independents with 0.7%.

Bondi Ward

The Liberal Party leads in Bondi Ward by a small amount with 37% of votes to the Greens 35%. The ALP have so far secured 26% of votes in Bondi Ward.

ABC has predicted incumbent Liberal Leon Goltsman, committed to infrastructure and community assets, will be re-elected alongside incumbent Green Dominic WY Kanak who has the most votes per candidate at 3.1%.

New face Michelle Gray for ALP is predicted to get a seat.

Hunter Ward

The Liberal Party is predicted to secure two seats in Hunter Ward, going to incumbents Sally Betts and William Nemesh. The Liberal Party has 70% of votes in the ward.

The ALP has 29% and incumbent Steven Lewis, interested in urban planning, design and transport, is predicted to be elected.

No Greens ran in Hunter Ward.

Lawson Ward

The Liberal Party currently has 42% of the vote in Lawson with incumbent Angela Burrill, an advocate for improved public and green spaces, looks likely to be re-elected. Labor and the Greens are behind at 27%.

Labor Mayor Paula Masselos and Greens councillor Elaine Keenan will likely be re-elected.

Waverley Ward

The Liberal party is in the lead in Waverley Ward with 43% of the vote. The Greens follows with 30% of the vote. Labor is in rear with 25% of votes in Waverley Ward.

Liberal Tony Kay is the only incumbent councillor contesting in this ward and looks set to get a seat. New faces for Greens Ludovico Fabiano and Labor Tim Murray, passionate about alternate energy use, are also likely to be elected at this stage.

Predictions may change before elected councillors are announced on December 20.

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