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The Wedding Singer

Perm your hair and dust out your double denim and bright coloured 80s outfits, as the stage production of the hit 1998 Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore comedy The Wedding Singer has arrived in town!

This musical comedy is a nostalgic piece faithful to the film which tells the story of a wedding singer who falls in love with a waitress. Stephen Mahy who plays the role of the slimy street poster boy Glenn Guglia explained that he wants people to come along, let their hair down, party and have a great time.

“We take you back to the MTV era. There are iconic songs from the movie and many original ones that pay homage to the 80s. A lot of the choreography also pays homage to that Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Madonna and boy band style of music.”

The production boasts a cast of 20 performers on stage and a full 8-piece band. Mahy has played diverse roles on shows including The Jersey Boys, Miss Saigon, Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He usually plays the romantic lead, but how’s he settling into the role of the villain?

“My character is power hungry, a cheater, womanizer, misogynistic and he thinks the sun shines out of his backside – he’s everything that I’m not! It’s quite creepy like some of the things my character does I come off stage and go, ‘Yuk! that was gross!’ but it’s also so much fun to play. If I don’t get booed at the end, I’m not doing my job properly,” laughed Mahy.

The Wedding Singer should appeal to audiences who lived the 80s, but a whole new generation of theatregoers should also come along. “The 80s are back. We’re now seeing teenagers with the 80s fashion wearing the denim, the rolled-up sleeves – there’s a drug reference and a bit of swearing but other than that it should be enjoyed by anybody from 16 to 80 years of age.”

** For a free double pass to the performance on Wednesday, Jan 5, 2022 email Mark at

Jan 5-23. State Theatre, 49 Market Street. $109-$149+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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