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The Tap Affect

The Australian Tap Company. Photo: Sean Sinclair.

Tap dancing is a style of dance that you don’t see much of in Australia but The Tap Affect, the inaugural dance project from The Australian Tap Dance Company, is about to change that.

Peta Anderson has achieved so much in this field and  is one of the co-creative directors of the dance company. She also choreographed and dances in this show.

“The concept of the show is the way tap has affected the tap dancers in the show, how it has affected our emotion and the way it makes us feel. As well as taking the audience on a journey it’s basically about us going on our own journey.”

The roots of tap are represented by seven dancers and a percussionist who pay tribute to the masters who created this art form including Eddie Brown, Buster Brown and Eleanor Powell.

“We go on more of a percussive journey rather than choreographing a Broadway dance piece. We want the audience to feel how tap dance can make them feel emotionally rather than it being in lights and big costumes. We’re stripping it all back and getting into the musicality of tap.”

But do audiences have to be tap dance enthusiasts to enjoy the show? “No Definitely not. I think if you enjoy music and dance, you’re really going to enjoy it!

Dec 15-17. Riverside Theatres, Church & Market Streets. $24-$38+b.f. Tickets & Info: