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RSPCA Pets Tips For Summer 2021-22

With La Niña hitting Aussie shores, we can expect more rain, storms and windy conditions this summer season – making it different to your typical hot summer. It’s not just humans that are impacted by these unusual conditions, pets are too.

RSPCA NSW Senior Manager of Outreach Programs, Dr Ann-Margret Withers, has put together the ultimate guide to keep your furry companions comfortable and safe this summer.

What to do during thunderstorms

  • Keep an eye out for the weather report

  • Know if your pet has any noise phobias as a result of thunderstorms – symptoms include hiding, trembling or shaking, seeking comfort from family members, urinating, pacing, panting or barking

  • Go to your vet for a consultation for medication

  • Know your pet’s safe haven & ensure they have access to it should they need it so that they can feel secure. For some pets their safe haven could be; by your leg, a part of the house, on their bed

  • Ensure all gates are closed for outdoor pets as they may get scared and escape

  • Ensure you have your pet’s registration and all details are up to date for preventative measure incase your pet escapes

  • Ensure your pet is vaccinated so that they are protected from a range of illnesses and diseases such as Parvovirus

In the event of hot weather, RSPCA NSW have put together their top tips to cool down your four-legged friend.

Tips to cool down hot dogs and parched pets

  1. Ensure access to shaded areas to protect your furry friend from the sun

  2. Apply pet-friendly zinc to the ears and noses of pets prone to sunburn, including cats and dogs with white fur and pink noses

  3. Always walk your dog in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler – their foot pads can burn on hot surfaces such as cement and sand

  4. Never leave your dog in the car, even with the windows down – temperatures in a vehicle can rise to dangerous levels even on mild days

  5. Place ice cubes in their water bowl to keep water cool

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