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Australian film ‘Magic’

An enigmatic conjurer (Vincent Parfitt) often seen roaming the gardens of a grand estate captures the imagination of fairy-chasing young aristocrat Patricia (Kirsty McKenzie), who invites him to entertain her father and his guests. Affronted by their scepticism and their insistence he reveal the secrets of his illusions – especially from the woman’s arrogant and suspicious brother, Morris (James Domeyko), he steadfastly refuses. But when it is apparent that Morris is quickly losing his mind with the puzzle and the night begins to unravel, he at last challenges them to believe the impossible.

The shooting schedule of first time director Elvis Joseph’s adaptation of G.K. Chesterton’s play, dealing with religion, magic and miracle was incredibly tight, though with a heavily rehearsed cast. This style sometimes comes across as quite stagey, but as the story develops and draws you in, it becomes less so, particularly from the younger members of the cast.


Available through streaming services iTunes and Vimeo from Dec 28

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