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Kids theatre show ‘Just Live On Stage’ hits Parramatta

Kelly Monisse, Jack Angwin, Sam Bowden. Photo: Robert Catto.

Children who have read and enjoyed the Just book series by Australian author Andy Griffiths will be mesmerised by the world premiere of Just Live On Stage, a new theatrical production adapted for the stage by Robin Goldsworthy and directed by award-winning actress and mother of two Blazey Best.

The show centres on Andy, a school student who breaks into the school library overnight and with the help of his best friend Danny and Lisa writes the finest short story known to man!

Best, who describes this show as a ‘farcical romp through Andy Griffiths imagination’ explained that the purpose of bringing this show to the stage was more than just to entertain children. “It’s also very important to nourish our future audiences and I think good kid’s theatre is important in that process. My aim was to create a piece of theatre that would make children fall in love with theatre.”

The series of books are titled Just Tricking, Just Annoying, Just Stupid, Just Crazy, Just Shocking, Just Disgusting and Just Doomed – so is the show primarily aimed at the under 12-year-old boys?

“I am the mother of two boys, and they love the books. The humour is what we would traditionally call boyish humour, but I know that they are popular with girls too. There’s also an awesome girl character in the show. I know boys love it but I’m sure that girls love these books too, so they’ll love what’s on stage.”

This is Best’s first venture into children’s theatre and is enjoying the experience. “It’s very challenging with kid’s theatre because kids aren’t going to sit there and watch a show because they are told to. The challenge is always to make it as engaging as possible and never cringey.”

Since this is a children’s show a couple of messages resonate throughout. “The hidden message would be the power of the imagination, but the more overt message is the importance of love and friends.”

Dec 21–27. Riverside Theatres, Church & Market St, Parramatta. $27.50-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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