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Independents lose seats on City of Randwick Council, Liberals and Greens gain

Greens Philipa Veitch beat Our Local Community member Harry Stavrinos by a margin of 92 votes in West Ward. Photo: Creative Commons.


The results of the 2021 local government elections have been finalised and just seven of the 15 elected councillors for City of Randwick Council held seats on the previous term.

Some former councillors were not successful this election, including Independent Anthony Andrews for Central ward, Independent Carlos Da Rocha for South Ward and Our Local Community member Harry Stavrinos for West ward.

Harry Stavrinos requested a recount which was not granted. The Electoral Commissioner was not satisfied that a recount should be conducted on the grounds provided in the request.

Two seats previously held by Independents since 2017 went to a Liberal candidate and a Green candidate.

Labor and Liberal are tied with five seats each, Greens have four, and Independents have just one seat on the council term beginning in 2022.

Independents saw the biggest swing since 2017 with an -11.5 drop in votes. The Greens saw a positive swing of +6.5, ALP +4.9 and the Liberals a negative swing of -4.2, despite winning one more seat than last election.

Central Ward

Former Labor mayor Dylan Parker will be returning to represent Central ward. He will be joined by Liberal Daniel Rosenfeld and Greens Kym Chapple.

Incumbent Independent Anthony Andrews was not re-elected by a margin of 382 votes.

The ALP received the most votes in Central ward with 5,003 votes (36.1%), followed by the Liberal Party with 3,798 votes (27.4%), then the Greens with 2,344 votes (16.9%) and Independents 2,548 votes (18.4%).

East Ward

No previous councillors in East ward recontested, meaning the elected councillors for East ward are all first time councillors.

Marea Wilson for the ALP, Joanne McCafferty for the Liberal party and Michael Olive for the Greens are East ward’s 2022 councillors.

The ALP received the most votes with 3,977 (31.1%), followed by the Liberals with 3,685 (28.8%) and the Greens with 3,487 votes (272%).

The margin between Michael Olive with the un-elected candidate Independent Russell Fairfax was 2,235 votes.

North Ward 

The Liberal party took the lead in votes in North ward, with 4,247 votes (32.4%). Incumbent Christie Hamilton will represent the Liberal party for North ward again. The ALP came in at 3,472 votes (29.7%) and incumbent Kathy Neilson will retain her seat for the ALP.

First time councillor Rafaela Pandolfini will represent the Greens, receiving 3,787 votes (28.9%). The margin between Pandolfini and the next closest, un-elected candidate Independent Barbara Keeley was 2,612 votes.

South Ward

Independents received the most votes in South ward with 5,657 (39.1%). The ALP collected 4,340 (30%), the Liberals won 2,721 (18.8%) and the Greens won 1,750 (12.1%).

The 2022 councillors for South ward are incumbent Independent Noel D’Souza, incumbent Labor Danny Said and Bill Burst for the Liberal party.

Incumbent Independent Carlos Da Rocha was not elected by a margin of 623 votes.

West Ward 

Alexandra Luxford for the ALP will retain her seat on council, as will Philipa Veitch for the Greens.

Veitch beat incumbent Our Local Community member Harry Stavrinos by a margin of 92 votes.

The ALP received 3,787 votes (27.8%), the Liberals received 3,527 votes (25.9%), the Greens 3,133 (23%) and Our Local Community received 3,067 votes (22.5%).

First time councillor Andrew Hay will represent the Liberals for West ward.

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