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Aussie One Shot Thriller ‘Watch The Sunset’

The actual process of shooting a movie from beginning until completion of principal cinematography can take anywhere up to 18 months depending on the genre and budget applicable to each project. The amount of ‘takes’ required for each scene can also be inexplicably high, depending on the director.

This multi-award-winning Australian film was incredulously filmed in one long continuous shot – no retakes or interruptions in filming whatsoever. The discipline and level of professionalism in pre-production to plan and then execute such a feat in only 80 minutes must not only have been challenging but daunting, as it was mandatory that each moment had to be perfectly aligned for each scene to follow each other flawlessly.

What at first seemed like an unachievable goal has incredibly been successfully fulfilled, delivering a suspenseful and engaging thriller. The car crash stunt towards the end of the film will leave audiences perplexed and asking, “how the hell did they get the timing so perfectly?”

Watch The Sunset is a unique, dark, raw, and gritty thriller which centres on the consequences a man and his loved ones must face when he makes the potentially deadly decision to leave a violent bikie group.

Filmed on a low budget the pivotal actors Tristian Barr and Chelsea Renee Zeller, who also have many credits to their names behind the scenes, deliver outstanding performances and deservedly have received much accolade.

Audiences who will watch closely for any cuts or for the actors to fluff their lines will be disappointed as these are not forthcoming.

Screening on streaming services this is a must-see for film enthusiasts who are interested in the actual process of film making.


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