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A Chorus Line lowers the façade of actors

Adam Jon Fiorentino is lead in the upcoming stage production of A Chorus Line staged by the Darlinghurst Theatre at the Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House. He brings a wealth of experience from stage, screen and television credits in Australia, the UK and the USA.

He’s been in the industry for 23 years, starting in ensemble roles and working his way up to lead roles.

He says that Michael Bennett, who conceived and originally directed and choreographed A Chorus Line, wanted to “show the audience the faces and the humans behind the façade they normally see on the stage”.

Fiorentino believes that it is all too easy for the audience to see a two-dimensional figure on stage and not think about the person behind the performance.

Actors have a better time now on the stage than they did when Michael Bennett wrote A Chorus Line, although Fiorentino says that racism and sexism still persist in the industry.

He refers to the tragic case of Judy Garland who took her life with barbiturates as an example of how tough it was to be in the industry in earlier days.

Fiorentino brings first-hand knowledge of working in numerous productions on Broadway stages where competition for roles was much greater than in Australia. Where 100 might audition for a role in Australia, on Broadway some 1000 could be lining up around the block.

He’s looking forward to working with the younger cast members, not only to impart his work ethic to them but also to learn from the younger “kids” about what’s going on in their world that he’s now not in touch with.

He is pleased that actors are no longer pressured to push themselves to the limit and burn themselves out in their industry. And it’s exactly these problems and issues that Michael Bennett wanted to raise in his show.

Fiorentino loves the role of Zach, who gives the artists the environment to be able to “open up and show who are they are” as opposed to presenting an artificial polished piece with nothing of themselves.

Feb 11-Mar 6. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $110-$170+b.f Tickets & Info:

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