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The Pebble & The Boy

A crowdfunded British comedic coming-of-age drama with a gutsy big heart hits the streaming services and should prove to be satisfying viewing for anybody who enjoys easy-viewing road trip flicks.

John’s father who was involved heavily in the mod scene during the 1960s has passed on. As a sign of respect John decides to spread his father’s ashes in Brighton and so his road trip commences, travelling from Manchester on his father’s prized Lambretta scooter.

Along the way a girl joins the trip and not only does a romance blossom, but John more importantly learns some shattering truths about his father which casts a shadow on what sort of man he really was. John who despondently declares, “I thought I knew him”, ultimately questions whether he has been lied to all his life.

The Pebble And The Boy is about family secrets, loyalty, honesty and respect. Patrick McNamee stars as the affected teenager opting to do right by his father and Coronation Street favourite Sacha Parkinson plays Nicki, the rebellious and vivacious teenager whose mission is to attend a Paul Weller concert in Brighton. Patsy Kensit also makes a welcomed return to film in a supporting role.

A beautiful musical score accompanied by a selection of songs from classic 80s bands The Jam, Style Council, Secret Affair and The Chords adds to the character of the film and should lure audiences who enjoy this genre in music.

In the final moments of this bittersweet film Nicki exclaims, “this was the best road trip ever!” but audiences may be left pondering, how well do we really know our loved ones?