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REVIEW: Genesian Theatre’s ‘Home Chat’

Photo: Graig O'Regan.


Noel Coward’s witty play, Home Chat, opened to rapturous applause at The Genesian Theatre last Saturday night. The play was scheduled for early on in the year but, due to lockdown, could not commence. What a treat it was to see this play just as Sydney begins it’s grand reopening. What better to begin with, than a comedy of errors full of clever banter and innuendo. How very clever of The Genesiann Theatre Company too to present a play about the consequences of gossip to a present day audience. So media savvy.  

Home Chat is a play about two perfectly innocent people being caught up in a compromising situation not of their choosing. Seen by a local, who spreads the news throughout the local community, they return to quite a furore. Before you know it their parents, husbands and wives are accusing them of a clandestine affair. Instead of defending themselves until they are blue in the face, however, the accused ‘couple’ decide to play it to the hilt as if they really are having an affair in order to shame those so eager to shred their reputations.

The play is charming, light and stylish. The sets beautifully designed to reflect the period of the 1920s and the lighting perfectly attuned. The two leads, Cameron Hutt as Peter Chatsworth and Abbie Love, as Janet Ebbony, were certainly well cast. In fact they seemed to completely revel in the spirit of the show. Wonderful too to have Robert Green as Pallet/Turner singing some of Noel Coward’’s songs during set changes.

Until Nov 12. Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent St, Sydney. $30+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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