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NSW Government Amends Loading Zone Rules For Musicians

John Graham

As Sydney’s live entertainment sector emerges from a COVID-19 lockdown induced hibernation the NSW Government has amended restrictions around loading zones to the relief of the sector, particular musicians.

Shadow Minister For Music & The Night Time Economy John Graham unveiled the law changes which now allow musicians to use loading zones in and around venues in order to get their instruments and equipments for gigs in and out of venues. The loading zone rules were updated to include musicians, who were previously fined for using the parking areas loading in and out.

The loading zone laws were not the only amendments made to benefit the Sydney music scene. The wording of the Festivals Act bill of 2019 was also changed to remove the phrasing “high risk” and also to extend trading hours entertainment venues by one hour.

The removal of the phrase “high risk” is something festival operators have long called for as they felt it was damaging and misleading, especially in regards to perceived use of illegal drugs at events.

“We would like a city and a State with music at its core, where music is far more a part of what we do in New South Wales,” Graham said while addressing Parliament. “That is important from a cultural point of view, and it is also a major economic driver. When we talk about the arts, music is far and away the biggest of any arts sector. It stands a chance of being a major export for New South Wales. There are only three countries that export music: the US, the UK and Sweden. We want Australia and New South Wales to be among those jurisdictions. That is our vision, but it requires turning around the liquor and planning systems to drive that change. That is where we want to head.”

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