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Japanese Film Festival 2021

The 25th Japanese Film Festival finally returns and JFF Director Yurika Sugie is excited to bring the latest and greatest Japanese films back to the cinema across the country.

“This year, our program tells the stories of those who dare to dream beyond limitations. From overcoming loss to breaking ties with stifling societal expectations JFF 2021 celebrates resilience in the face of adversity.”

The program comprises of over 30 feature films including laugh out loud comedies, dramas and owing to the popularity of JFF Plus: Online Film Festival last year, the best of 2020 returns online for one week only.

There will also be a special talk event with Shayne Bowden after the screening of Grass Labyrinth, where he discusses the literary, film and theatre work of director Shuji Terayama.

Moviegoers who enjoy poignant family dramas should not miss Step, the story of a young father raising his daughter after the death of his wife. True Mothers surrounds a mother who returns to reclaim her son after he was adopted to a well-off couple.

For those demanding a good laugh Not Quite Dead Yet delivers undead comedy chaos in a story concerning temporary death drugs and morbid dreams. Award-winning Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes tells of a man who hears his computer speaking to him – another version of himself but 2 minutes in the future!

Regarded as a masterpiece, high-fantasy anime adventure The Deer King comes from the studio that produced Ghost In The Shell. It’s a fantasy story of a world affected by the deadly Black Wolf disease.

“Featuring the latest box office hits alongside rare 35mm 16mm film prints from the late avant-garde auteur Shuji Terayama, this year’s selection is truly a diverse mix.”

Nov 25-Dec 5. Palace Central, Norton Street, Verona & Chauvel. $20-$85+b.f.. Tickets & Info:

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