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James Bond has ‘No Time To Die’

Daniel Craig hangs up his tux permanently as his final portrayal of fictional British M16 agent James Bond in the highly anticipated No Time To Die hits cinemas – the 25th film in the franchise.

James Bond is retired from his secret agent services until his lover’s life is under threat by a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology, the man who is responsible for the death of her parents. Can James Bond stop him from unleashing his weapon of mass destruction upon humanity?

After an opening that resembles something straight out of a horror flick the pace accelerates with all the features 007 fans would demand in a James Bond extravaganza – death defying stunts, high speed octane-charged car chases and over the top action-packed sequences that only 007 can successfully and incredulously navigate through.

Audiences will see a more human side to James Bond, they will discover a man with feelings who has uncharacteristically committed to a relationship.

Many actors from previous instalments reprise their roles including Ralph Fiennes and French actress Lea Seydoux who were fortunate to travel to some of the most beautiful locations in Europe for filming.

Aging Daniel Craig has been regarded by many as the best actor to play the role of James Bond. But was he wise to exit the role? Should producers look at hiring a much younger actor to play the role in order to preserve realism in the action and romantic scenes?

Another point is whether the constant postponement of the film’s release owing to COVID-19 restrictions may actually have heightened anticipation to such exaggerated levels that expectations may not be met. Moviegoers can decide.

★★★ ½

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