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Wherever She Wanders back on stage

Photo: Brett Boardman

By Tessa Pelle

Griffin Theatre Company will return to the stage with Wherever She Wanders from Nov 5 until Dec 11. Written by award-winning playwright Kendall Feaver the play follows an aspiring student journalist, Nikki, who is on a collision course with Jo Mulligan, the first female Master of one of the country’s oldest residential colleges.

When a serious allegation is made against a fellow resident, loyalties are divided as these emerging and established feminists find themselves entangled in an online media storm. Now, it’s anyone’s game.

Julia Robertson plays Paige Hudson, a fresh out of high school and first year college student finding her feet. She says the play delves deeper into the disconnect between the politics of old and new feminism.

“There are all these nuances in the discussion of feminist theory and how we move forward whilst also recognising that nuance,” she says.

“It’s got a whole range of perspectives to do with so many things that women especially are having to interact with every day in today’s world.”

The play centres on the rape culture that often happens within Australian universities, however it also grapples with digital activism; especially in an age where everyone who has a smartphone can have a political voice.

“It’s intergenerational, it’s between the internet and it’s between real worlds. It’s all about those in-between lines and what is okay and what isn’t okay and how to talk about that,” Julia says.

I think Kendall’s writing has done such a beautiful job of representing so many different perspectives and really exploring them without judgment.”

Nov 5-Dec 11. Griffin Theatre, 13 Craigend St, Darlinghurst. $20-$62+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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