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Sydney artist Florian prepares for “unapologetic pop” shows

Sydney artist Florian

Photo: Georgia Wallace


Sydney’s Synth pop artist Florian has released her latest track Seventeen as she waits eagerly to perform live once again.

Seventeen is the third instalment in Florian’s latest EP following Yours And Mine and Patrick Swayze that were realised earlier this year, each featuring a nostalgic and refreshing hit of 70s & 80s pop.

In a conversation with City Hub Florian spoke about the challenges of lockdown as a solo artist and how much she is looking forward to doing what she loves most – live shows.

“That’s my favourite part of it, so having that stripped away is very… you know, sometimes you feel like you’ve lost your purpose.

“When you’re just relying on yourself it’s really hard to stay focused, stay writing and complete stuff, I feel like I’ve got about two thousand unfinished songs since lockdown started.”

Florian is set for her first show post lockdown at The Vic On The Park in just a few short weeks.

“We’re super pumped, it will be really good to play live, I’ve released three songs in lockdown.”

With Seventeen Florian takes her music to a much more personal place, “with that Florian façade”, as she reflects on her youth and looks to the future.

“It’s about dealing with the mental side of ageing, and being able to be like, f*ck it, being older is fun.”

The track was recorded at Camperdown’s FED Studios following Sydney’s first lockdown last year.

“We were so excited to play music, we spent the whole week in the studio doing this song and the three other ones from the EP.”

Florian is set to release the final track of the EP, expected to drop in the coming months.

“The last song is pretty different… there might even be a checky saxophone solo… it’s pretty fun.”

As summer approaches and the promise of opening up withstands, Florian is looking forward to the months and years ahead as an artist.

“I think it will be positive that we’re coming into summer and people just want to see shows, I’m hoping every just gets out and goes and supports people.”

“I think my next releases after this EP is done will definitely be a bit more dancy and a bit more fun, I really want to do some concerts.”

“When it comes down to it, I really just enjoy making people happy, making people dance.”

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